DreamZone’s Interior design Ideas making Lucknowaies go Creative

By | 4 May, 2016
Interior Design

Interior Design

A free of cost creative workshop for Interior design and Decoration for the creative minds

Lucknow is not only the second largest city in the North, but is also well known for its culture art and history. Lucknow has always flourished the North Indian culture being the artistic hub since a long time and it still continues to be an important centre for education, commerce, technology, design, culture, tourism and poetry. The credit for making the city such a vibrant and colorful goes to the secular and syncetric traditions cultivated by the people all through the past times.

Lucknow has always been propagating and promoting the understanding of art housing the Lalit Kala Academy, or the National Academy of Art. The city is also popular for its embroidery work all over the nation. Further, as a step towards cultivating the creative inclination of people of Lucknow, DreamZone is organizing creative workshops for interior design and decoration.

DreamZone, a creative skill development arm from the CADD Centre for Technical Training and Development is taking initiatives to further nurture the creative lights inside the people of Lucknow. DreamZone is organizing the Workshop at the Vikas Nagar Centre for the creative minds.

Through this workshop, participants will learn how to make creative and valuable items from ice cream sticks and bamboo sticks. DreamZone encourages people to join the workshop which is completely free of cost.

Not only candidates will learn how to get creative with these items, but also get basic information about Interior Decoration that can be tried at your own home or workplace. This can be an amazing opportunity for all those who wish to get a professional and expert touch to their dream careers towards Interior Design and Decoration.

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