Dreamzone Lucknow, Hazratganj – Workshop

By | 18 June, 2014

Dreamzone school of creative studies is a right platform for  all the aspiring creators to start a career. At Dreamzone we believe in experiential learning and so we encourage students to participate in and conduct various activities. On that note, Dreamzone Lucknow, Hazratganj came up with a 6 days workshop on Fashion and Interior Designing.

Dreamzone  Lucknow – Workshop

Dreamzone Lucknow, Hazratganj is expected to have participants from schools and colleges, as well as from the institute for the workshops. It believes that the workshop stands as reason for every students to trigger the creator in them.

Following is the workshop that is going to be held on various days from 20th June – 5th July 2014

20th June, 2014: Workshop on Wallpaper making in Interior.

21st June, 2014: Workshop on Hand Embiroidery in Fashion.

27th June, 2014: Workshop on Candle Making  in Interior.

30th June, 2014: Workshop on Pot Texture Painting in Fashion.

4th July, 2014: Workshop on Fabric Painting in Interior.

5th July, 2014: Workshop on Mural Art in Interior.

Each workshop is to be addressed by the experts from Dreamzone Lucknow. The workshop is scheduled for two hours per day.

Do you have passion for creative things? Want to try out something new? Want to decorate all by yourself? Then do not miss this workshop as it gives all an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge on creative works.

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